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Quality and balanced diet is the main source of energy for life and therefore an indispensable part of our everyday. The variety of food available to us at virtually every step and many advanced cooking technologies open up a plethora of choices as to what and how we cook and eat. Nevertheless, there is still no place like home, is there?

Aware of this fact, Gorenje has developed a new generation of built-in ovens – personal cooking assistants for those looking to make tasty and healthy homemade food. Special arched oven cavity and smart combination of heaters, temperature, and cooking time make sure the food is juicy and soft, while the friendly user interface and appealing design make sure the appliances are simple to use and that your everyday home cooking endeavours are truly fun. 

Oven features

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Gorenje cookbook

We are happy to introduce a cookbook of top-class recipes resulting from years of experience, testing and research in the field. Following are 98 carefully drawn up recipes systematically divided based on 9 basic types of food, which will aid you in cooking perfect meals. All recipes are intended for use with your Gorenje HomeChef or ProCook oven/steam oven and are specially adjusted to functions and settings of these ovens. 

Cooking systems

Gorenje ovens are made as multifunctional tools that allow cooking, baking, roasting or grilling in a number of ways, with or without steam, reheating etc. Moreover, they are easy to maintain.

Cooking systems

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User interfaces

Advanced models of Gorenje ovens will do nearly everything for you. Complex cooking procedures have been turned into easy functions and programs, and the complex innovations behind the user interfaces translate into appealing form and simple use.
Gorenje offers ovens with the unique HomeChef electronic programming module with a large colour display that allows selecting the functions simply by sliding your finger across the screen. This is a revolution that leads to remarkable cooking results for beginners and pros alike.
Gorenje also takes pride in its ProCook user interface which paves the way for exceptional culinary experiences with single-button control that takes care of appropriate settings of all key parameters for your favourite dish.

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Oven accessories

Baking dishes and trays

For the users of technologically perfected and superiorly designed Gorenje ovens, we carefully chose all the accessories that are either included as a part of the basic equipment, or available as optional extras. Years of experience and profound understanding of the needs of our consumers dictate a broad selection of baking pans and dishes that will make your cooking easier and oven operation as efficient as possible.

Baking levels

Gorenje ovens can cook food on up to five different height levels, depending on the type and amount of food being cooked. Moreover, they allow cooking at several levels simultaneously. Smart air distribution will make sure the food at every level is cooked evenly and without mixing of flavours and aromas.

Steam cooking

The impressive power of steam cooking has been known for millennia; nevertheless, cooking in water seems to have prevailed as the preferred method. At Gorenje, we are aware that food in direct contact with water loses nutrients and authentic flavour, and natural colours turn a sad shade of pale. We therefore developed, building upon years of research, steam ovens that allow simple and comfortable cooking of healthy, nutritious and deliciously looking food in your home kitchen.

Steam cooking is one of the healthiest cooking methods. Gentle steam action during cooking preserves important minerals and vitamins while making sure the food retains its full and intensive flavour and colour, and remains compact and juicy. A delicious and hearty meal no longer requires a heap of herbs and spices or more than a few drops of oil. Indeed, appetizing food can be made without any fat at all, and the food can finally shine in all its glory of natural ingredients.

During steam cooking, the steam is injected into the oven from a special water heater. Owing to innovative technology, it is distributed evenly throughout the oven cavity. The flow of steam is automatically controlled based on the selected program. If required, the user can also set the amount of steam for a particular dish manually. In a steam oven there is little cause for concern about burning or overcooking the food. In a steam oven, you can easily cook the entire lunch at once, from soup to dessert, without having to worry about mixing of the flavours. After cooking, the oven interior will remain dry, without water droplets and therefore without lime scale. As a result, cleaning of the oven is a breeze.

With Gorenje+ steam ovens, a part of professional cooking technique is available to home chefs and everyday cooking really becomes a pleasant and simple task. Allow us to impress you.

Steam cooking tips & tricks

Why cook with steam?

It is very simple. Steam cooking:

  • retains the nutritional value of the food and provides balanced healthy meals;
  • preserves vitamins and minerals, and protects up to 90% of antioxidants in fresh vegetables;
  • preserves the cell structure of food, which is reflected in unmodified consistency and compactness of the food that remains juicy and wonderfully colourful;
  • allows cooking delicious meals virtually without any spices or fat;
  • makes sure the food is always cooked just right, doing away with the worries of overcooking, drying out, or even burning;
  • allows reheating and defrosting of food without any effect on its quality and flavour;
  • is suitable for virtually every type of food;
  • allows you to save energy and precious time as several types of food can be cooked simultaneously without their flavours and aromas mixing;
  • is very simple to clean.

For the world's gentles treatment for vitamins

It takes a lot of scientific knowledge and years of development to come up with features and functions that are able to treat food not only as a robust energy source but also as a delicate source of vitamins, minerals, fibres and, of course, smells, tastes and pleasures. Gorenje steam ovens thus include a promise of healthy food, food made with respect for all its valuable ingredients and with a focus on the needs of the body.

Steam oven features

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