Hob features

NoLimits induction hob

If you feel that the size of the pan and the limits of the heating zone restrict your cooking experience, the new induction hob is the right choice for you. Innovative technology includes sensor recognition of the pan, which paves the way for optimum use of the cooking hob. The hob features four cooking zones marked by a tiny circle with letter "P" in the centre. Another remarkable advantage of this appliance is that every cooking zone has its own touch control module!

SuperPower: fast cooking, great food!

With its remarkable efficiency, the new generation of Gorenje SuperPower induction hobs brings exactly what you need in your home: quickly prepared yet delicious and wholesome food.
SuperBoost function for super fast and powerful operation allows even faster and more efficient cooking which leads to savings of both time and power.

Relying on its powerful integrated components of exclusively European (German) origin and proven quality, all SuperPower hobs feature the so-called AllBoost function. This means that the PowerBoost can be used on each of the four cooking zones, or even on all at the same time!

PowerBoost – cooking with extra power

The rapid heating function will additionally boost the cooking hob performance by up to 25%.

AllBoost – super power all over and at the same time

All SuperPower cooking hobs have the option to activate the PowerBoost on all cooking zones at the same time, plus the SuperBoost function on one zone, when needed. This gives significantly higher output power and of course great time savings!

EasyClean liners

Easily removable EasyClean liners on both side panels are designed to help you keep your oven clean. The liners feature super-smooth EcoClean enamel coating, which means that warm water is all you need. Or you can simply remove them and let the dishwasher do the job for you.

Super Economical

Induction is the most economical way of cooking. Thanks to superior efficiency it saves your time, energy and money!

Induction hobs are the most efficient way of cooking, being superior to gas hobs and to all types of electric hobs. Thanks to superb efficiency, induction hobs are often the cheapest way of cooking available (depending on the prices of gas and electricity). SuperPower induction has up to 80% efficiency, which is twice the efficiency of gas hobs!

Super Efficient

Induction is the most efficient way of cooking. It brings fastest operation with lowest energy consumption and consequently, lowest costs!

For heating up 2 litres of water to boiling point (from 15°C to 90°C), a gas hob uses 0,37 kWh energy in comparison to SuperPower induction hob, where only 0,210 kWh is needed. Gas hob therefore uses over 75% more energy than SuperPower induction for the same result!

Induction also generates the desired level of heat immediately when the pot is placed on the cooking zone and operation is stopped immediately when the pot is removed from the cooking zone. So no energy is wasted!

Super Fast

Induction is the fastest way of cooking. For example, time required to heat 2 liters of water from 15°C to 90°C (to boiling point, in minutes):
• HiLight hob takes about 40% longer than SuperPower induction hob
• Gas hob takes about 20% longer than SuperPower induction hob

Super simple – touch control system

Practical and ergonomic touch control system enables fast and accurate cooking settings, with good overview of the cooking process and easy access to all functions.

100% active preservation

Of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals
Remarkable novelty: IQsteam steam cooking mode is a healthy cooking method that will retain the full natural flavour and firmness of the food. The vegetables will retain the nutrients and the fullness of aroma.
It only takes 0.3 dl of water to cook 1 kg of vegetables.
100% flavourful!

SliderTouch control at your fingertips

Hobs featuring Gorenje’s advanced SliderTouch Control System make it possible for you to operate your hob quite literally with your fingertips. By simply touching the control panel and moving your finger over it, you can set and control power level on marked area. The ergonomic position of the control panel coupled with increased sensitivity and responsiveness of your hob gives you complete control over the cooking process. The integrated Child Safety Lock is an extra safety feature allowing you to lock the hob to prevent children from inadvertently accessing the controls and interfering with the appliance when unsupervised.


Taking a break, anytime
The StopGo function stops the cooking and continues with the same settings after being re-activated.


Full stop, full safety
If during cooking the flame gets extinguished for any reason (wind, liquid spillage), there is no need to worry. Automatic GasStop flame failure device will cut off the gas supply immediatelly to ensure full safety.


Somebody always on the watch
The countdown timer can be set for up to 99 minutes. If the optimum cooking time for a particular dish is known from experience, the timer can be set and the hob will switch off automatically when completed. A beep will signal that the food is ready.

IQ sensor technology

New dimensions in cooking
Owing to the innovative IQ sensor technology, the IQcook induction hob guarantees a fully safe and controlled operation with optimized use of energy.
The hob offers five preset cooking modes. After selecting the most suitable cooking mode, the sensor installed on the pan lid is activated by a simple touch.
Operation of the IQ sensors built into the cooking hob and in the pan lid, both checking the progress in the pan, is monitored by the cooking hob electronic circuit. Intelligent technology provides automatic operation and completely eliminates the direct supervision of the cooking process. By adjusting the cooking temperature, the IQcook cooking hob also optimizes energy consumption to afford substantial energy savings of up to 40%!

IQ sensors are built into each cooking zone of the hob to allow the use of the outstanding IQcook function on all four zones simultaneously! If you accidentally place a wrong lid on the pan during cooking, IQ sensor technology will perceive this mistake and notify you with an acoustic signal. Cooking process will proceed without interruption.

Patented SmartSense safety function prevents the food from boiling over or burning: if fluid evaporates from the pan, it will automatically switch off the cooking hob.

Top-class IQcook induction hob can also be used in the conventional way, just like any other high-end induction hob.


No drop leaves the pan
Fast water boiling and constant temperature maintaining can happen without a drop being boiled over. Feel free to watch TV and relax, because your kitchen is safe and sound.


Perfectly grilled steak
IQcook makes grilling thrillingly simple, even with very little or no oil. It offers three levels of doneness and prevents food from burning. A simple way to the tastiest and healthiest barbecue ever.


A cooking marathon, made incredibly easy
IQpro offers a simple way to prepare dishes that require longer cooking times with slow warming up or cooking at a lower, constant temperature. Ideal for cooking dishes such as goulash.

100% automatic cooking control

Using the IQ sensors
Proven and reliable IQsensors automatically control the operation of the cooking hob without the need of constant monitoring over cooking. IQ sensor, built into the lid of your cookware, will control the cooking progress in the pan and automatically regulate the temperature and hob power in communication with the sensor built into the cooking zone.
Automatic hob operation with the IQ sensors!
100% delicious.

Up to 40% energy savings

With full parameter optimization
IQcook cooking hob will optimize the temperature throughout the cooking process to achieve considerable energy savings.
Full optimization of all cooking parameters!
Save up to 40%!


Some XtremePower induction hob models allow combining two independent cooking zones into a single large cooking zone. Hence, the hob can be adjusted to the size and shape of your cookware and the combined large heating area allows full usage of the induction technology and available space. The heaters can thus be used independently, or they can be combined into a single large heater as required, in order to accommodate large oval pans (e.g. fish pans). With the PowerBoost function, these cooking zones will cook even more rapidly.


Vitamins stay in
Cooking with a small quantity of water preserves vitamins, minerals and natural colour of vegetables. Believe it or not, all it takes to prepare 1kg of vegetables is 0,5dl of water.

Preset cooking modes

User-adjusted preset operating modes are a remarkable novelty. Three preset cooking modes and two preset modes for frying and grilling allow automatic preparation of a wide range of dishes. Another unique novelty is steam cooking which preserves the food's nutrients, vitamins, firmness, and full natural flavour.

Choose between five preset cooking and frying modes.

Three preset cooking modes using the lid on the pot
- IQsteam: steam cooking
- IQboil: cooking with a large amount of water
- IQpro: slow cooking

Two preset frying modes:
- IQfry: frying
- IQgrill: grilling

100% active preservation

Of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals
Remarkable novelty: IQsteam steam cooking mode is a healthy cooking method that will retain the full natural flavour and firmness of the food. The vegetables will retain the nutrients and the fullness of aroma.
It only takes 0.3 dl of water to cook 1 kg of vegetables.
100% flavourful!

SmartControl simple operation

One remarkable advantage of XtremePower induction hobs is accurate and convenient control of the cooking zones. Each cooking zone has its own module and a touch-controlled program timer. Thus, cooking time can be set independently for each cooking zone and the program timer will automatically switch off the zone after the set period of time has elapsed, indicating this with a beep. Cooking parameters can be accurately set in nine levels, and modern easy-to-understand symbols enhance the clarity of controls. Simple and straightforward operation is guaranteed!

SuperSilent operation

Gorenje XtremePower induction hobs operate very quietly, even when all four cooking zones are engaged simultaneously at full power! Intelligent switching between induction coils and use of state-of-the-art components decrease the buzz characteristic of induction hobs.


One, two, chocolate
The SoftMelt function gently melts chocolate or butter at a constant temperature of 42˚C, thereby creating perfect conditions for melting, without burning.


An oval cooking zone, perfect for wider pots
Induction and HiLight hobs have an expanded zone called a FishZone. When turned on, the traditional round cooking zone turns into a larger and oval surface that is especially suitable for wider pots.


XtremePower induction hobs offer more space, simpler handling with the cookware, and better control of the cooking process. Owing to clever layout and larger hob surface, there will no longer be a shortage of space even when cooking on all four zones at a time. The new hobs are also available in widths 77 cm, 90 cm, and 110 cm. Ample space provides ultimate cooking comfort.

A perfect combination for endless gourmet pleasures

A remarkable combination that will impress the professionals who bet on epicurean results and speed at the same time. This hob combines two gas burners and two induction zones with Powerboost function.
Gas burners enable highly accurate flame control and single-handed ignition. With the Powerboost rapid heat up function, the performance of the induction zones will be further advanced, saving you time and money.

Domino, designed for the individual

Hobs with two heating zones allow combinations tailored to one’s needs. The Gorenje range encompasses glass ceramic hobs with HiLight or induction burners, as well as a hob with two gas or one wok burner.

Combination of gas and electricity on glass ceramic hobs

The wide range of Gorenje hobs also includes a selection of glass ceramic hobs fitted with gas burners. A glass ceramic hob featuring a combination of gas and HiLight burners is also available. In addition to giving you a professional chef’s control, this combination has the extra advantage of easy cleaning and an appealing design.

ChildLock for safety

The ChildLock function allows locking the cooking hob controls. The lock protects the children from accidental activation and operation of the hob, and the hob from tampering.


Boiling over as a forgotten problem
Automatically adjusts the operating power. After initially operating at maximum power, the cooking zone maintains the desired temperature to prevent boiling over or overcooking.

Two and three or oval ring burners

Two or three ring burners make it possible for your hob to adapt precisely to the different post and pans. Oval heating zone is ideal for cooking large cuts of meat or fish. By simply switching on the extra rings, you can increase the cooking zone as required, generating valuable energy savings.

A brand new shape: the “4-in-a-row” hob

The attractive 90 x 35 cm 4-in-a-row hob, with its series of four ergonomically positioned cooking zones, enables full visibility as well as the placement of various utensils in front or behind the cooking area. This hob is also distinguished by its unique electronic control, enabling temperature regulation through simply moving a finger over a multipoint scale on the surface of the hob. A complete overview of hob operation is provided by an electronic display.

Extremely easy to clean

As the hob only heats the surface directly under the cookware, you do not have to worry about cleaning if a pot boils over, as nothing sticks or burns onto the hob. If something spills, simply wipe it away with a wet cloth, and rinse the hob with ordinary tap water.