Microwave ovens features


A clear display allows monitoring the cooking process.
A display that spans over the entire height of the microwave oven provides more than stylish appearance and clarity; it is also highly efficient in monitoring the cooking progress in the oven based on the selected function. Furthermore, a countdown timer will inform you at any time how much longer the selected procedure will take.


Interior of some of our microwave ovens is made of stainless steel which leads to excellent cooking results. Stainless steel improves circulation of microwaves in the oven compared to other ovens.

Gourmet Wave System

The Gourmet Wave System technology ensures an even distribution of heat throughout the cavity, giving you faster and better cooking results while also retaining vitamins and other nutrients in the food. The continuous monitoring and control of the power level speeds up the conversion of electricity into microwaves, ensuring a more even microwave distribution in comparison with conventional microwave ovens, resulting in a superior performance. This technology not only saves you time but also delivers significant energy savings – up to 15 %. With the Gorenje Gourmet Wave System, you can enjoy delicious soufflés, crispy browned chicken, scrumptious pizza, and fish or vegetables steamed in their own juices in a matter of minutes.


Modern sensor technology allows clear and simple touch-control operation of the microwave oven. The oven can simply be locked to prevent unauthorized use. Control surface is perfectly smooth and hence easy to clean.


Many models have (automatic) menus, i.e. a number of preset programs for even simpler preparation of certain dishes. You select the type of food and enter its weight, and the oven will automatically adjust the power and cooking time accordingly. For all who use a particular procedure often to prepare a favourite dish, the user program memory function will come especially handy. It enables saving the process of preparing a dish and later recalling it by pressing a single button.

Mounting frames for easy installation

Installing a microwave oven is easy: You simply put it into the cavity of the selected cabinet using the special ventilated mounting frame, which ensures a seamless fit of the oven with the rest of your kitchen. Alternatively, a built-in oven may also be concealed behind a cabinet door.

Multi function ovens: microwave, convection and grill

Gorenje built-in microwave ovens bring you all the advantages of microwaves, convection and grill, while their combined use opens up a whole new world of culinary options and experiences. There are six different power level settings to enable the microwave to speed up your cooking, while active convection (heating the oven up to 250 °C) ensures perfectly even cooking results every time. The option of simultaneously using the grill and convection heating is particularly handy when preparing a roast, while the combined use of the grill and microwaves can be used to great effect when cooking smaller cuts of meat, pizza and many other foods.

Manual power level settings

The five-level power setting allows the right microwave output for any dish.
Five different power level settings allow you to adjust the power output of the microwave to suit the dish you want to prepare. You can set the power level to 100 %, 70 %, 50 %, 30 % or 10 %, according to the desired rate of cooking and type of food. In the same way you can also adjust the power level for the purpose of grilling, pre-heating the oven and convection cooking.

Preset programmes and memory function

Several models come with (auto)menus featuring preset recipes to make the preparation of certain dishes even easier. You select on the oven the type of food you want to prepare and enter its weight, and the oven automatically chooses the ideal programme and time for optimal results. The memory function is particularly useful for preparing your favourite dishes: by pressing a single button, the oven will deliver perfect results, every time.

Reliable electronic control and preset recipes

All Gorenje’s built-in ovens feature easy-to-use electronic controls with precision settings of time and method of cooking. When using preset recipes to cook foods like pizza or chicken, or to reheat beverages, all you need to do is enter the weight of the food/beverage and the oven automatically chooses the ideal programme and time to give you a perfect result every time. Special features of Gorenje’s top models are sensor driven automatic programmes. The display uses easy-to-read symbols and text to guide you through the simple selection process.

Superior defrosting and browning in microwave mode

The Cyclic Defrost option featuring a random sequencing of the microwave pulse energy penetrates the food from the inside, defrosting it more evenly and more quickly. The Turbo baking feature used in conjunction with convection heating using hot air and grill will help you produce crispy, golden brown goodies, which until now was just about impossible to achieve in a microwave. The exceptional functionality of this microwave oven offers you a variety of choices when it comes to preparing food:
• defrosting and reheating
• combined use of grill and convection heating
• combined use of microwaves and convection heating
• roasting/cooking in convection mode, without microwaves.

Turntable, trays and grids for optimal results

Integrated turntables are designed to ensure that your food cooks evenly through and through, and are the key to optimal automatic defrosting. In addition to the glass plate there is also a grid for grilling meat, a round enamelled metal tray, and a special baking tray suitable for a variety of dishes – from biscuits to meat – for cooking/baking in convection mode. More sophisticated models also come with a dedicated pizza tray.