BM235ORAB Microwave oven - grill
HKD 12,800.00

Microwave oven - grill BM235ORAB

Microwave oven - grill Electronic control Function Smart display Start preset Dimensions (W×H×D): 59.5 × 39 × 35.1 cm
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HKD 12,800.00


Icon - AutoDefrost


Simple and efficient defrosting
All Gorenje microwave ovens stand out with the efficient defrosting feature that will evenly defrost any deep-frozen item. Simply set the time! Depending on the model there is an option to set automatic defrosting process by weight as well. All you have to do is set the weight and leave the rest to the microwave!
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Icon - SmartStart


Indispensable rapid reheating
Allowing rapid heating of food activated by a single touch. Easily increase the time by 30 seconds with another press. The SmartStart function will prove particularly handy when you just can't wait for your warm meal.
Icon - AutoProgrammes


Programs for occasion when you don’t know how
Automatic presets allow simpler cooking of some types of food like popcorn, chicken nuggets, pizza, pasta etc. You only have to choose the type of food and enter the weight, and the oven will automatically adjust the cooking power and duration.


Energy savings
In case of prolonged absence or if you just wish to be more eco-friendly, you can activate the power-saving mode in which the display is turned off. You can save up to 40 % on standby energy.


Always on the safe side
The oven can be simply locked to prevent inadvertent use.

Technical details

Colour: Black

Stainless steel oven interior

Door material: Glass

Front panel material: Glass

Door open type: Handle

Door opening: Hinge on left side

Oven volume: 23 l

Number of power levels: 5

Microwave power: 900 W

Power of upper infra heater: 1,200 W

Technology of producing microwaves: Standard technology (HTV)

Type of microwave distribution: Rotating plate

Electronic control

Input type: TouchControl

Time display


Display can be switched off

Sound signal: Without off option

Timer range (min): 60 min

Heating types:

Number of combinations microwave + grill: 2

Number of grill programmes: 2

Combined heating: Microwaves + grill

Defrost function by weight

AUTO menu

Preinstalled programmes: 8

Start preset


Door safety bolt

Rotating glass plate

Plate diameter: 27 cm

Rotating grid

Type of heating element: Quartz

Noise level: 58 dB(A)re 1 pW

Dimensions (W×H×D): 59.5 × 39 × 35.1 cm

Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 65.7 × 46.2 × 44.2 cm

Niche dimensions (WxHxD) (min-max): 56-56.6 × 36.5-38 × 55 cm

Net weight: 18 kg

Gross weight: 19.9 kg

Consumption in standby mode: 1 W

Connected load: 1,400 W

Nominal current of fuse: 0.8 amp

Product code: 728172

EAN code: 3838782028021