SBR1000BE Food processor
HKD 2,200.00

Food processor SBR1000BE

Food processor Motor Power (max): 1,100 W AC motor for reliable operation Mixing bowl useful volume: 1.5 l Chopper bowl capacity: 2.4 l
HKD 2,200.00


Icon - Multiple blades and attachments

Multiple blades and attachments

There is almost nothing this machine can’t do
There is almost nothing that Gorenje’s multifunctional food processor with multiple blades and different attachments can’t do. It comes with multiple blades, jugs, mixing and chopping bowls and different attachments for slicing, dicing, chopping, kneading, grinding, whipping, mixing and crushing.
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Icon - Dough Kneader

Dough Kneader

Something to go with the afternoon tea
You can use included plastic dough tool to knead all sorts of dough for cooking and baking. Get the perfect consistency and quality even with more demanding dough recipes. Bake delicious yeast bread for your morning treats or scones to accompany your afternoon tea.

Technical details

Motor Power (max): 1,100 W

AC motor for reliable operation

Dishwasher safe for fast and efficient cleaning

Easy cleaning

Double blade

Presets for quick start: Ice crushing, Pulse operation for short cycles, Smoothie

On/off and rotation adjustment button

Stepless motor speed adjustment for full control

Attachments - equipment: citrus reamer, coffee grinder, dough kneader, fine shredding disc, fine grating disc, spatula, grating disc, thin slicing disc, coarse shredding disc, thick slicing disc

Mixing bowl useful volume: 1.5 l

Chopper bowl capacity: 2.4 l

Jug Volume: 1.5 l

Citrus reamer

Measurement scale on the bowl for perfectly accurate dosing

Vacuum feet for perfect stability

Safety switch for perfect safety

Material: Plastic + metal

Length electrical cord: 0.9 m

Dimensions (W×H×D): 26.5 × 29 × 43 cm

Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 54.5 × 28 × 41.5 cm

Net weight: 5.9 kg

Gross weight: 8.1 kg

Connected load: 960 W

Product code: 512145

EAN code: 3838942065781


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