JC4800VWY Juicer
HKD 1,700.00

Juicer JC4800VWY

Juicer Motor Power (max): 200 W Juice container volume: 0.6 l Easy cleaning
HKD 1,700.00


Icon - Slow juicing at 80 rpm

Slow juicing at 80 rpm

The slow juicing technology differs from the conventional centrifugal juicing in terms of speed and the method of extracting the juice from the fruit and vegetable cells. Conventional juicers spin the blade at a high speed (1.500 to 2.500 revolutions per minute) to cut the cell walls and release the juice from them. Vertical motion of the slow juicer auger (at 80 rpm) crushes the fruit and vegetables and then separates the extracted juice and the pulp. As a result, there are fewer air bubbles in the juice; the juice is silkier; and juicing temperature is lower which allows the juice to retain more enzymes.
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Icon - Pulp regulator

Pulp regulator

The pulp resulting from the juicing process is collected in a separate container. The amount of the pulp can be set by the user by moving a lever on the front side of the juicer. Enjoy a glass silky smooth juice, or add bits of fruit and vegetables to it for some texture. Do not discard the pulp before trying it in other dishes such as soups, sauces, desserts etc.
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Icon - Silent operation

Silent operation

Slow juicing also means silent operation without high speeds resulting in more noise. The appliance design with a long feeding tube also contributes to noise suppression.
Icon - Powerful 200 W motor

Powerful 200 W motor

Despite the slow auger rotation, the motor has to be powerful enough to crush harder bits of fruit and vegetables. Tested at maximum loads, the 200-watt motor has proven the optimal heart of the slow juicer.
Icon - No-drip Cap

No-drip Cap

The juice container is already full, yet there are still fruit and vegetables in the juicer. What to do? You do not have to switch off the juicer. Instead, just push the cap into the juice funnel. The juice will be collected in the internal container while you fill the glasses of the most eager tasters and replace the container.
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Icon - Strainer with fine mesh

Strainer with fine mesh

All ingredients being juiced are filtered through a fine mesh strainer that allows minimal amount of pulp to pass while retaining all the nutrients in the juice. The strainer is easy to wash under running water and clean with the supplied brush.
Icon - Two 0.6-litre containers

Two 0.6-litre containers

The juicer is fitted with two 0.6-litre containers for the juice and the pulp. They are made of durable plastics free of bisphenol A (BPA) and dishwasher safe.
Icon - Non-slip rubber feet

Non-slip rubber feet

You don't have to worry about the juicer sliding out of place while you are inserting the fruit and vegetables into the feeding tube. The rubber feet are designed to ensure optimum stability even on moist worktops.
Icon - Easy cleaning

Easy cleaning

A high-capacity appliance means a tedious cleaning process? Not necessarily. After use, slowly pour one litre of lukewarm water into the feeding tube while the appliance is operating. On its way to the juice container, the water will thoroughly clean any fruit and vegetable residues. After use, rinse the filter and clean it with the supplied brush.
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Icon - Safety switch

Safety switch

Safety guaranteed! The juicer will only operate when all parts are correctly assembled and in place. The safety switch ensures safe use without concern about motor starting up while you are adding ingredients, or assembling or cleaning the appliance.

Technical details

Motor Power (max): 200 W

Number of spins (max-min): 80 rpm

Stainless steel strainer

Micro filter

Improved efficiency

Easy cleaning

On/off button

Operation with single auger

Adjustable because of electronic regulation of rotation

Bidirectional rotation for higher efficiency

Strainer brush

Juice container volume: 0.6 l

Pulp container volume: 0.6 l

Material: Plastic + metal

Colour: Stainless steel

Motor Power (max): 200 W

Length electrical cord: 1.0 m

Dimensions (W×H×D): 15 × 45.5 × 18 cm

Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 20.7 × 44 × 35.6 cm

Net weight: 4.2 kg

Gross weight: 5.6 kg

Connected load: 200 W

Product code: 513145

EAN code: 3838942067648


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