MMC1005W Kitchen machine
HKD 3,380.00

Kitchen machine MMC1005W

Kitchen machine Motor Power (max): 1,000 W Number of speed level for quick results: 6 AC motor for reliable operation Mixing bowl useful volume: 4.8 l
HKD 3,380.00


Icon - The perfect mixing action

The perfect mixing action

Let a highly trained assistant do the work
The mixing attachment rotates around its axis while the mixing head rotates in the opposite direction, making sure all ingredients are perfectly and evenly mixed. The air will remain in the dough, making it soft and supple. All you have to do is choose the right attachment for your favourite recipe and impress with excellent results.
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Icon - Three attachments

Three attachments

For all procedures prior to baking
Mixing, whisking, kneading. The appliance comes with a dough hook, a whisk, and a flat beating attachment. The whisk aerates and mixes the ingredients when you are looking for a soft and fluffy consistency; the dough hook will efficiently handle even the stiffest dough; and the beating attachment will whip up excellent cream or delicate egg white foam.
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Icon - Variable Speed

Variable Speed

Adjusting perfectly to the recipe
Different speeds can be set with control button. This guarantees ultimate versatility in the preparation stages, ensuring that you can do everything from standard mixing to whipping egg whites to the right consistency. The minimal speed setting and the convenient lid prevent the ingredients from splashing out when the appliance is started.
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Icon - Mixing Hands Free

Mixing Hands Free

Time and energy saver
Kitchen robot saves time and energy while providing outstanding results. Powerful appliance that offers excellent mixing performance and precise control at every speed. From the thickest cookie dough to the most delicate egg whites, the Gorenje kitchen robot has the power, speed and finesse to take on any kitchen task. Its powerful motor makes kneading, mixing and whipping a breeze.
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Icon - All in one

All in one

Grind meat, make smoothies
Beside all the mixing, whisking and kneading, quality glass blender will help you blend the vegetables into a smooth soup or fruit into delicious smoothie. Included meat grinder attachment will bring you the benefits of healthy, made at home minced meat, kibbe or sausage.
Icon - Easy access

Easy access

Bowl with the lid
The stainless steel bowl gives the appliance a modern and elegant look, and extends its useful life. The transparent lid affords control over the mixing process, prevents the contents from splashing around, and allows adding ingredients during the mixing process.
Icon - Easy to clean

Easy to clean

Dishwasher safe parts
The stainless steel bowl and all stainless steel parts can be washed in a dishwasher. It will make your daily work in the kitchen easier. The blender is made of quality glass and can be washed after you remove the blade.

Technical details

Motor Power (max): 1,000 W

AC motor for reliable operation

Soft start motor

Dishwasher safe for fast and efficient cleaning

3D mixing thoroughly mixes the ingredients

Easy cleaning

On/off and rotation adjustment button

Number of speed level for quick results: 6

Automatic rpm regulation for the desired mixture

Attachments for kitchen robot: for kneading dough, for mixing, highly efficient whisk

Extra accessories supplied

Included attachments: blender, for meat grinding + 2 meat grinding discs

Mixing bowl useful volume: 4.8 l

Convenient opening on the lid for adding ingredients during mixing

Vacuum feet for perfect stability

Overheat protection for extra safety

Safety switch for perfect safety

Protection from automatically resumed operation for more safety in the kitchen

Protective cover

Covered drive part protection

Motor lock for extra safety

Material: Plastic + metal

Colour: White

Transmission material: Metal

Length electrical cord: 1.1 m

Dimensions (W×H×D): 38.2 × 34.4 × 28.4 cm

Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 60.5 × 41.8 × 27 cm

Net weight: 5.5 kg

Gross weight: 6.8 kg

Connected load: 1,000 W

Product code: 740224

EAN code: 3838782606731


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