T900RLBK Toaster
HKD 860.00

Toaster T900RLBK

Toaster Number of heating levels: 7 Browning level thermostat Automatic ejection
HKD 860.00


Icon - Perfect toasting every time

Perfect toasting every time

Made easy with illuminated buttons
Simply turn the knob to select the browning level. Customize the heating further by choosing either reheat or defrost setting. Stop toasting at any time if you feel your toasts are done.
Icon - Slide-out crumb tray

Slide-out crumb tray

Smell of freshly toasted bread everytime
The secret to a good toast is keeping your toaster clean. Clean the crumb tray often and the only smell in your kitchen will be the one of freshly toasted bread.
Icon - High lift

High lift

Simple retrieval
Deep and wide toaster compartments mostly prevent getting a slice of bread stuck in the toaster, but if it does happen or a piece of toast is just too small for an automatic pop-up, the high lift lever is the solution. It pushes your toast high enough so you can pick it up with ease and don't have to risk injury just to grab a piece of toast.
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Technical details

Automatic switch-off

Heating function

QuickDefrost function

Number of heating levels: 7

Automatic ejection

Two sided heating

Bread reheating

On/off button

Browning level thermostat

Adjusting the crust / browning to your desires

Mechanic browning level setting

White operation indicator

Ejection button

Illuminated buttons for better view and easy control

Reel compartment guarantees easy storage

Rubber feet for stability

Cold walls - safe and without burns

Material: Plastic + metal

Colour: Black

Length electrical cord: 0.8 m

Dimensions (W×H×D): 27.1 × 18.4 × 19.7 cm

Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 30.2 × 21.1 × 24.8 cm

Net weight: 1.6 kg

Gross weight: 2.5 kg

Connected load: 1,000 W

Product code: 733347

EAN code: 3838782178719


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